April 24, 2024

Navan expands new expense solution across Europe

Navan has expanded its new expense management solution across Europe.

The fintech’s new card-link technology enables businesses to use its expense management platform (Navan Expense) while working with existing bank and corporate card partners.

Called Navan Connect, the new expense management solution can now integrate with enrolled Mastercard or Visa cards from nearly 250 global banks.

Transactions made with cards issued in Europe and the UK from 40 banks will also be supported.

Expenses will now be automatically checked against company policy, categorised and reconciled.

Michael Sindicich, EVP and General Manager of Navan Expense, said: “Today’s workforce is spread across the globe, and so are travel and expenses. Bringing Navan Connect to Europe will make it easy for multi-national companies with offices in the region. 

“Navan’s promise to our customers is clear: we work hard to create smart solutions that help you manage expenses worldwide. Since launching in the US, customer demand for this product has been incredible — companies love the automation of Navan Expense, but are happy to keep their existing corporate cards and minimise change management.” 

Victoria Tuong, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner at SumUp, added: “Before Navan, a lot of people were paying expenses out of pocket, invoicing was manual, and it was hard from a finance perspective to control expenses or get proper reporting — a tedious process for our employees.

“Thanks to Navan, I have a partner for managing expenses and reporting. Our previous solutions were time-consuming, multi-layered, and non-intuitive. Navan’s all-in-one solution has led to significant time savings. We now manage all our trips and expenses on the same platform.”  

Navan has recently entered new distribution capability (NDC) content partnerships with 10 global airlines, including Air France, Lufthansa Group and British Airways.