April 23, 2024

MYSA develops ‘game-changer’ tech

By Bev Fearis, published 3/06/20

MYSA, formally known as MY Serviced Apartment Consultancy, has developed technology, which it claims will revolutionise the way corporates procure serviced accommodation.

The UK-based company claims the technology is the ‘game-changer’ the industry has been waiting for and has come at the right time during the coronavirus pandemic.

It says the procurement and booking platforms were created after four years of extensive research and development, driven by ‘inefficient, indirect practises and poor legacy systems of existing models’.

MYSA’s sourcing platform enables the direct procurement of serviced accommodation, similar to how hotel and airline programmes are procured.

It says comprehensive property data provides greater intelligence to manage duty of care compliance and gives corporate travel managers complete cost transparency.

Meanwhile, the bespoke corporate booking technology allows for more informed choices, delivering pre-qualified accommodation, ensuring payment is secure and simplifying booking management.

At the same time, serviced accommodation providers get direct control of rates and immediate payment of invoices to allow them to manage their business more efficiently.

Founder and CEO Gary Hurst said: “There is a real opportunity for the serviced accommodation sector to play an important role in supporting the corporates and their travellers in the wake of COVID-19. With travel management teams set to face an unprecedented shift in the way business travel is conducted, serviced accommodation is uniquely placed to respond.

“Unlike hotels, most have minimal communal areas and provide sufficient social distancing between guests to mitigate the risk. However, we must ensure operators are committed to stringent health and hygiene disciplines both now and in the future. A safe ‘home from home’ experience means travellers can relax in their own space, with no risks incurred from room service or daily housekeeping. For that reason, this option can help travel management teams in tackling the expected increases in anxiety for travellers.”

He added: “Having worked closely with corporate buyers and taken onboard their frustrations, I know that the serviced accommodation sector needs to change to protect its future. For the past two years, we have been developing this technology and know-how to enable corporates to directly manage the procurement process. MYSA is the game-changer the industry has been waiting for.”

Joakim Everstin, CTO and former Head of Innovation for SABRE EMEA, added: “We believe that MYSA can do for serviced accommodation what Uber has done for taxis and Airbnb for consumer travel. By revolutionising the way that serviced accommodation is procured, we are hoping to enable the sector to grow rapidly, ensure corporates reduce costs and traveller wellbeing is a priority.”

MYSA is headquartered in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, and has 10 employees.

Tony Pilcher, the former Head of Global Business Travel for HSBC, is a Non-Executive Director.