May 18, 2024

Meon Valley to beta test new Travelogix platform

Meon Valley Travel Group has become an early adopter of a new duty of care platform being developed by Travelogix.

The TMC will provide essential client feedback on the product, which is being fully unveiled at the Travelogix Client Assembly in Birmingham on November 24.

It will be available via the existing Analytix platform and will deliver a single TMC-focused platform solution fed by data already collected by Analytix alongside live GDS data for pre-trip risk analysis. 

Data integrated from Travelogix’ security partners will also provide live insights on global security events, including the latest information on Covid-19 restrictions and general health advice.

Julian Munsey, Group Sales Director at Meon Valley Travel, said: “As one of Travelogix’ original and longstanding TMC partners, we are both honoured and excited to have been selected as their beta-test partner to assist with the development of their new traveller tracking and duty of care product.

“As a trusted partner to Meon Valley Travel, we see this product as being a natural extension of Travelogix’ capabilities to leverage data to bring meaningful solutions and insight to our customers.”

Chris Lewis, Founder and CEO at Travelogix, added: “At Travelogix, we feel it’s crucial that we not only acknowledge market trends but listen to and engage with our clients too.

“Sharpening existing products and innovating exciting new technologies in line with our customers’ requirements is part of the Travelogix DNA.

“Working closely with Meon Velley Travel for this specific project is exciting in that it provides our team with front-line feedback on how this platform will be used and received in real world situations.”