April 18, 2024

Mental Health in Travel Awareness Week

A number of Clubhouse talks and LinkedInLive events will take place on September 20-24 as part of a week dedicated to the mental health of travel professionals.

The Mental Health in Travel Awareness Week is part of a new campaign, Ribbon For Travel, set up by a group of people in the sector who want to raise awareness of mental health issues in light of the pandemic impact.

One of them is Riaan van Schoor, CEO and Co-Founder of Agentivity, who said the campaign was based on a call with Bex Deadman, Managing Director of Blue Cube Travel, about the potential crisis the sector is facing with the build up of pressure on its people.

“So after that call, I decided why wait for someone else to do it? I can build websites, I have a big network on Linkedin, I have a voice, and so with the support of Daniel Hayward, Director of Travel Operations Total Management Group, and Andy Cairns, Co-Founder RAVL, we just did it,” said Van Schoor.