June 13, 2024

Lufthansa and HCS sign SAF agreement 

The Lufthansa Group and Haltermann Careless (HCS) Group have signed a Letter of Intent to partner on the production and supply of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

From 2026, the HCS Group aims supply the Lufthansa Group with SAF produced with Alcohol-to-Jet technology.

The SAF, made from biogenic residues from agriculture and forestry, will be manufactured at the hydrocarbon supplier’s production site in Speyer, Germany. Its production site is located near the Lufthansa Group’s Frankfurt hub. 

With the planned initial production volume of 60,000 metric tonnes per year, the HCS Group aims to become the first large-scale producer of biogenic SAF in Germany.

The partnership underpins the aviation group’s goal of driving forward the market ramp-up and using SAFs as a core element of its sustainability strategy. It has also committed to Europe’s Renewable Energy Directive Red II.

The Lufthansa Group claims to be one of the five largest SAF customers worldwide and is investing up to USD $250 million in the biofuel’s procurement for the coming years.

For effective climate protection, the aviation group is focusing on achieving a neutral CO2 balance by 2050. 

Priorities include SAF based on waste materials, renewable electrical energy (Power-to-Liquid), and research into the direct use of sunlight for fuel synthesis (Sun-to-Liquid).