April 16, 2024

London Gatwick submits runway expansion plans

London Gatwick has submitted plans to bring its existing Northern Runway, currently used as a taxiway, into routine use to increase capacity.

The runway would be used for departing flights only and if approved, would allow Gatwick to serve around 75 million passengers a year by the late 2030s.

Its current full capacity, last used in 2019, is 46.6 million passengers.

Construction could start in 2025 and be completed and ready for operational use by the end of the decade. 

Stewart Wingate, CEO of Gatwick, said: “The Northern Runway plan will help secure the long-term future of the airport and economic prosperity for thousands of families, businesses and future generations across the region.  

“If approved, our plan will also improve airport resilience, meet future passenger demand and increase competition in the London airport market, by providing vital new international connections to support Global Britain.”