June 13, 2024

LNER study shows strong appetite for in-person meetings

Just under 90% of British workers who now work from home are desperately missing in-person contact with colleagues and clients alike, according to a survey by LNER.

The rail operator’s study of 1,000 British businesspeople found 92% of respondents felt the inability to have after work drinks or lunches with colleagues has had a negative effect on the morale of their workplace.

However, only 27% said they yearn to be able to travel for work again.

The survey found 94% of respondents admitted they are better communicators in face-to-face meetings, while 91% said they’re more likely to seal a deal in person than via a video or telephone call.

Nearly three quarters (72%) said video calls will gradually become less popular as restrictions lift, with 42% agreeing they were “fun at the start but the novelty has worn off”.

LNER Managing Director David Horne said: “We’re pleased that there’s an appetite to return to face-to-face business interactions.

“Pre-pandemic, we saw business customers travelling every day to all corners of the country to enjoy the merits that come with face-to-face business meetings. This has been something our onboard colleagues have really missed during the past 16 months and we’re excited to be seeing the signs that this is restarting.

“In our own business we understand the value of personal interactions, both with our customers and with fellow colleagues. It’s no surprise that there is pent-up demand for business travellers to get back out and reap the benefits of meeting clients and colleagues in person once again.”