April 23, 2024

Jyrney teams up with TAMS for research

Business travel start-up Jyrney has partnered with the University of Exeter and TAMS (Travel and Meetings Society) to carry out research on the changing landscape of ground transport for business travel.

The research will form the basis of a White Paper, due to be launched next month, on the major trends in the ground transport sector.

“We are researching the impact of three mega ground transport trends: the move towards a hybrid office, Mobility as a Service, and decarbonisation,” explained Jyrney CEO Daniel Price.

“Our research will help us to understand what travellers and travel managers need from their ground transport programmes and provide business travel agencies with insight to support their travellers. We are really excited to work with the University of Exeter and TAMS to deliver these important insights to the industry.”

Jyrney is calling on business travellers and managers who would like to take part in the research to contact them.