May 26, 2024

Join the BTA’s Faces of Business Travel campaign

A campaign has launched this week to share business travel stories to help strengthen the economic argument for an effective roadmap back to travel.

The BTA’a Faces of Business Travel campaign, supported by The Business Travel Magazine, hopes to influence government and public understanding of business travel by focussing on the stories of people who travel for work.

“It is worrying that the government and society’s impression of business travel is merely ‘people in suits’,” said BTA CEO Clive Wratten.

“There are so many stories behind the people that need to travel for work and it is vital that the Government understands that in order to properly listen to our needs.”

The BTA has interviewed a range of business people on the real impact that international travel restrictions are having on their businesses and, as a result, on UK GDP.

These will be shared on social media to reveal the breadth of business travel, from entertainment and sports to academia, humanitarian work, and sustainable energy.

Amongst those interviewed are Wayne Garvie, President of International Production at Sony Pictures, who talks about the potential impact of travel restrictions on season five of the Netflix series, The Crown.

The campaign also features insights from Samantha Fewtrell, Business Development Executive of Seajacks, and Jayne Thorn, Head of Category Management Services of Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium (SUPC).

Corporate travel managers, buyers and bookers who would like to support the campaign by sharing their own stories are invited to contact the editorial team at The Business Travel Magazine.

The campaign will run until April 12, the date when the UK Government is due to unveil its travel roadmap out of Covid-19.