June 14, 2024

ITM launches 2023 mentoring programme

The Institute of Travel Management (ITM) is continuing to expand its Mentoring Programme into 2023 with a new intake of buyer and supplier mentees.

The Mentoring Programme provides mentees with access to industry experts in a one-to-one environment to support their career development and personal growth.   The programme is free of charge for ITM ‘Business’ level members.

The 14 new mentees have been carefully matched with their respective mentors, who are also a mix of ITM buyer and supplier members, via a comprehensive profile pairing process based on their respective skill sets. This creates opportunities for buyer to buyer, supplier to supplier and buyer to supplier mentoring.

Scott Davies, CEO, ITM, said: “At ITM we are committed to supporting the personal and professional development of our membership community. This is even more important and relevant in 2023 as the business travel industry continues to face service and infrastructure issues due to the challenges of sourcing and retaining staff post pandemic.”