May 18, 2024

Inntel goes green with refill solution

Inntel has created a mini refillery at its head office in Essex. 

Refilleries are zero waste stores for refilling household liquids, dried goods and more sustainable containers.

The new facility, courtesy of Ecolnes Refillery, will offer eco cleaning materials and hand soaps. It is estimated to save 500 plastic bottles each year. 

Ecolnes Refillery has a closed loop supply chain, aligning with the travel agency’s goal of reducing its plastic pollution and carbon footprint. Inntel is also committed to achieving carbon net zero by 2030.

Inntel has a full waste recycling provision in place at its head office, including Terracycle boxes for soft plastics. New solar panels and EV charging points have also been installed.

Anna Snoep, Director of Operations at Inntel, said: “As part of our Zero Waste to Landfill project, we identified our office cleaning materials as a key impact area. We are pleased to be collaborating with a small, local supplier to reduce our plastic waste and will be encouraging other local businesses to do the same.”

Rachel Sprunt, Co-Founder of Ecolnes Refillery, added: “We are delighted to be part of Inntel’s sustainability journey. By creating their refill station, we have helped them eliminate single-use plastic waste, and switch them to alternative, more environmentally friendly cleaning products, both of which will have a positive impact on their carbon footprint. We hope they can inspire other local businesses to think as consciously as they do.”