June 15, 2024

iGo launches seamless taxi payments

By Bev Fearis, published 15/05/20

Business travellers are being promised a seamless way of booking, paying and reconciling taxis thanks to a partnership between iGo and Conferma Pay.

The companies say managing ground transport will no longer require business travellers to pay with cash or cards.

Instead, payments can be transferred from Conferma Pay’s virtual wallet directly into the private hire or the taxi company’s account as soon as the journey is complete.

In a recent survey, commissioned by iGo, 66% of business travellers said cash and card payments remained their primary method of payment, which then needs claiming back through expenses.

Safa Alkateb, CEO of Autocab, which developed the iGo network, said: “The virtual wallet payment is simplifying everything. It means travellers don’t need to draw out or exchange cash when travelling through unfamiliar areas – leading to people feeling safer. In a stroke, this has also got rid of all the fuss around expenses. Companies can improve the wellbeing of business travellers, and automate a major admin headache, all through this one solution.”

Paul Raymond, Director of Strategic Relationships at Conferma Pay, added: “As travel slowly begins again, our partnership with iGo will enable contactless taxi payments, directly from the corporate account, using virtual cards embedded in a digital wallet. This makes the traveller experience safer, while supplier payments are quicker, more controlled and secure.”

With a network currently covering 150,000 taxis across Europe, iGo believes the partnership will also incentivise taxi companies to take more jobs through the iGo network.

The iGo network covers almost 90% of the UK and the aim is to reach 100%, not just major urban centres. There are also plans to roll out the service to 34 countries.