May 20, 2024

HRS tackles hotel compliance with Invisible Pay

Hotel booking platform HRS has introduced a new corporate payment platform, Invisible Pay, a solution it believes could increase policy compliance by 30%.

HRS claims the solution addresses the industry’s longstanding challenge: high levels of out-of-policy spend and insufficient use of preferred hotels by enhancing payment automation.

It says Invisible Pay “cuts through these inefficiencies with solutions that benefit travellers, their companies and their partner hotels”.

“As we’ve piloted with integrated hotel payment solutions around the world in recent years, the programme compliance metrics are clear,” says HRS’ CEO, Tobias Ragge.

“When our clients use our payment solutions, we’ve seen hotel compliance rise by on average 23 percent. The downstream savings – both in room rate and more seamless expense processing – increasingly drive CFOs to deploy across oceans and maximize the incremental savings.”

Initial pilots have cut processing time down from seven minutes to one minute for accounting departments and increased invoice accuracy from 79% to 98.8%.

Meanwhile, use of corporates’ preferred hotels has increased by as much as 30% and, for business travellers, the time spent checking in and out at front desks is reduced and the automation of expense reporting saves an average of 12 minutes per report.