July 16, 2024

HQ partners with Bolt

HQ and Bolt have partnered on a ride hailing service targeted at Fortune 500 clients across Europe. Bolt’s ride hailing services have been integrated into the HQ SummitGround platform that also hosts other mobility options such as private black cars, taxis and chauffeured cars.

Customers can now manage all Bolt Business rides and reservations alongside other HQ existing suppliers from one centralized platform with an intuitive interface for ride booking, employee ride history, supplier billing, and payment.

Jeff LaFave, Managing Director of HQ, said: “Our clients’ employees travel significantly between the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom. Being able to provide reliable rides where they are needed is a critical offering for our clients.”

Nicholas Powell, VP of Bolt Business, said: “Establishing partnerships with players such as HQ represents a core ingredient of our growth and we are looking forward to working with them in order to save businesses time and money in travel expenses.”