June 15, 2024

Hotel bookings up but guest satisfaction down

Booking levels for Europe’s hotels are back to pre-pandemic levels but guest satisfaction scores are dropping, according to the latest report from Duetto.

Its Pulse Report, which compares data from May 2022 with April 2022 and cross references this with previous years’ performance, shows May was the first month where Europe’s industry trading reached a pre-pandemic level.

Month-over-month booking pace also increased by triple digits in each June and July and averaged a global region-leading 121% for the entire second half of 2022.

But the report also shows that guest satisfaction scores are dropping, currently down by -3% compared to 2019.

“One of the hotel industry’s shifting landscapes pertains to the diverging trajectory of guest satisfaction and RevPAR recovery trends. Lodging demand and pricing are moving in a positive direction, while guest review scores are sequentially declining due to numerous operating headwinds,” said Lloyd Biddle, Director of Product Marketing Duetto.

“Commercial teams should be proactive in thinking about what kind of long-term ramifications this challenge will have on the guest experience and the ability to drive growth. After all, the amount a guest pays influences their level of satisfaction. Commercial strategy can only come to life if we put the guest in the centre and aggregate all the data points across the journey.”