July 13, 2024

Hong Kong under pressure to end flight ban

The business community is urging the Hong Kong Government to ease Covid travel restrictions imposed on the UK and seven other countries.

They are concerned about Hong Kong retaining its position as a key business hub if the restrictions continue.

The Hong Kong Government has implemented a two-week ban on flights from anyone who has visited Australia, Canada, France, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, UK and US due to “the rapidly worsening global pandemic situation due to the Omicron variant.”

It has affected many business travellers and Hong Kong-based workers who had returned to the UK over the Christmas and New Year period.

David Graham, Executive Director of the British Chambers of Commerce in Hong Kong, told the Financial Times: “We very much hope that the ban will be for a very limited period given the extensive quarantine and testing measures already in place for those returning from the UK.”

The US consulate in Hong Kong called for “greater dialogue and transparency” on Covid measures which impact business travellers.

Fitch Ratings said: “A new wave of restrictions on various social activities within Hong Kong and a further tightening of controls on international travel…are likely to dampen economic growth prospects.”