May 18, 2024

HeadBox debuts 3D Studio

HeadBox has unveiled HeadBox 3D Studio in partnership with Radisson Hotel Group. The software allows M&E teams to send personalised digital proposals using 3D tours embedded with AI-generated narrator videos, in just a matter of minutes.

Venues and hotels will have the ability to create bespoke, shareable and sustainable immersive guided walkthroughs of their venues, with the opportunity to tailor tours to each customer’s needs in a personalised proposal.

HeadBox 3D Studio streamlines the sales process, reduces the length of the sales cycle, and eliminates travel emissions and costs for unnecessary site visits.

HeadBox 3D Studio builds on the success of the partnership between HeadBox and Radisson Hotel Group, which began in 2019.

Since becoming a preferred partner for immersive content in 2022, HeadBox has helped Radisson’s Meetings and Events team with a 35% increase in qualified meetings and events inquiries and a 12+% increase in M&E conversion.