June 9, 2023


Greengage provides the hub that can join the dots between like-minded organisations who want to do business together

OVERVIEW: Greengage has designed a business ecosystem that connects and supports businesses with an interest in sustainability. It provides the hub that can join the dots between like-minded organisations who want to do business together.

Specialists in environmental sustainability, Greengage provides independent advice and support to the travel and events sector. Greengage helps organisations on a pathway to commercial success through helping the planet. It is also the home for the ECOsmart accreditation. Greengage was started with the conviction to make a real difference.

It also operates EVENTsmart with a calculator that allows for an unlimited number of events from either clients or agents to be recorded. Dashboards, graphs and reports allow managers the opportunity to review and improve. All licenses will have a 45-minute climate reality and carbon measurement training session.

It chose to partner with Smart Carbon, which has been measuring carbon emissions for businesses for the last nine years.

It also runs Greengage hub, an online community for all ECOsmart hotels/venues, TMCs and event agencies and partners. This features a carbon measurement room night calculator, Greengage Academy for training, knowledge hub, Pawprint measurement board and special events for partners. The first event is on June 9.

KEY FACTS: Founder: Andrew Perolls
Launch date: 2018
Experience: Senior industry professional with 20+ years in the travel industry
Geographic reach: Global
Team: 9 + associates

CREDENTIALS: Greengage operates its audit process within the framework of The United Nations Sustainable Development goals with the ECOSmart accreditation based on UN indicators and criteria as well as those of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and ISO 14001.

PROPRIETARY PROPOSITION: Greengage offers independent audit and accreditation adding credibility to green initiatives and identifies any gaps to prioritise improvements. The ECOsmart accreditation provides a quality stamp of approval to help companies make a sustainable decision when booking, so providing properties and venues with a competitive edge.

TARGET MARKET: Greengage is targeted at sustainable-minded businesses in hotel, aparthotel, and event venue sectors. It also provides bespoke consultancy services for agents, TMCs and the public and private sectors.

COMMERCIAL MODEL: The business operates a subscription-based model for accreditation and offers bespoke consultancy support to continue the ongoing journey, working towards the annual renewal.

BLACK BOX COMMENT: Andrew’s belief that sustainability is an evolving journey and not simply a one-off destination is an inspiring one. The unique hub the company has created enables clients to work with expertise in many verticals and the approach of guidance and consultancy within a community is a refreshing one. Andrew is passionate about offering “accreditation plus”. The ECOsmart accreditation is growing rapidly and there are exciting plans to expand the Greengage offer further in 2022.


Review by Paula Cullen, Partner Black Box Partnerships