May 26, 2024

hubli green

OVERVIEW: Hubli is an online booking tools for meetings, off-sites, and group stays. It combines 185,000 meetings, workspaces and group stays venues in one platform allowing teams to work from anywhere without sacrificing safety or control, reinventing how people meet and collaborate. Hubli is a self-serve booking platform with inbuilt policy, payment, safety, and sustainability controls, allowing businesses to easily book spaces around the world.

With an ever-expanding portfolio of enterprise clients, hubli incorporates several new solutions designed to help organisations to streamline access to employees including single sign-on, HR systems integration, spend management and centralised billing.

Earlier this year, hubli launched hubli green, a dedicated sustainability product for business travel and meetings.

KEY FACTS: Founder: Ciaran Delaney
Launched: September 2021
Experience: Digital entrepreneur and M&E specialist
Geographic reach: Global

CREDENTIALS: With a global inventory of 185,000 spaces, including hotels, business centres and unique venues, hubli green allows venues to upload their sustainability accreditation to the platform, giving users the ability to quickly identify and book sustainable venues. Launched in June 2022, hubli green is now part of the booking journey, embedded in every transaction giving all employees the opportunity to reduce emissions for their organisation and will be available at no extra cost to all hubli enterprise clients.

PROPRIETARY PROPOSITION: Hubli green is a dedicated sustainability product for business travel and meetings, enabling meeting and events planners to choose venue locations based on the lowest CO₂ emissions, book sustainable spaces and remove high waste items from meetings. The new product is embedded in hubli’s existing search engine, putting sustainability at the centre of the booking journey.

Users have access to a “Where to meet?” console allowing them to calculate the lowest carbon location for their meeting including air, car, and rail travel options. “Where to meet?” not only ranks the carbon consumption per location, it also provides detailed pricing data per city, allowing users to decide where to meet based on both CO₂ emissions and price.

TARGET MARKET: Hubli is targeted at all businesses that have a requirement to meet offering solutions for both SME & Enterprise clients.

COMMERCIAL MODEL: Hubli has a range of pricing plans – Basic, Professional & Enterprise – based on number of users required and geographic reach.

BLACK BOX VERDICT: As we work more remotely, the significance of the meeting has grown and following the launch of hubli green, the market now has access to a revolutionary new product to help businesses to decide where to meet based on both CO₂ emissions and price. Not only can you plan where to meet most carbon efficiently, but you can also select locations based on their third party approved sustainability accreditations and remove high waste items in the booking process. You can simply request no plastic bottles, plastic coffee cups and even no notepaper. I love the ease with which hubli green enables businesses to put sustainability at the centre of their work, meetings, and groups strategy.

Reviewed by Paula Cullen, Black Box Partnerships