July 16, 2024

Greengage claims industry first with venue carbon tool

Greengage has enhanced its carbon calculator tool to help venues offer their clients comprehensive reports on the footprint of events.

It is the latest development of the company’s EVENTsmart solution, which was launched in 2022 to allow venues to inform themselves of the carbon footprint of meetings and events held at their premises.

The new product, EVENTsmart for Venues, allows venues to generate reports on the likely carbon footprint of an event, even before it has taken place, in order to share the information with a potential client.

Andrew Perolls, CEO of Greengage, said: “It’s a first for the sector. EVENTsmart for Venues enables venues to generate comprehensive sustainability reports quickly and efficiently. 

“The tool, that’s powered by Smart Carbon, is available as a white label product with venues able to present every client with a carbon footprint report each time they stage an event.”

A key feature of EVENTsmart for Venues is the ability of venues to add data unique to their operations such as renewable energy sources, carbon-measured menus or transportation methods.

They can also use it to reduce the footprint of a planned event by looking at different options, such as menu choices.

As well as looking at the overall carbon impact of events, the data can calculate the ‘delegate intensity factor’ by highlighting the carbon footprint per delegate.

Additionally, the reporting enables corporate clients to have precise data on Scope 3 emissions for all their events

The tool seamlessly integrates with the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI) allowing venues to demonstrate their commitment to reducing carbon emissions and align their efforts with global best practices.

EVENTsmart for Venues is initially being made available to Greengage’s roster of ECOsmart certified properties and venues and will be extended to all venues in the autumn.

Event planners can search for properties that can provide an event carbon footprint using Greengage’s ECOmap.