July 17, 2024

GlobalStar partners with Trees4Travel

GlobalStar Travel Management has announced a partnership with Trees4Travel.

Julian Russell, Executive Director of IT and Supplier Relations at GlobalStar, said: “We all want to do something to protect and preserve the planet, especially working in travel. There are so many options and so much to do, it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

“Our Partners across the network are already working with our clients to advise and support multiple ESG initiatives. We wanted to do the same for our organisation. In partnering with Trees4Travel we can not only experience and use their great carbon management technology ourselves, but we can also contribute to something equally as positive through their reforestation programmes.

“Our recent Partner conference saw GlobalStar add 396 trees to a reforestation programme in Haiti whilst also removing 64,984kg of CO2e through United Nation CER renewable energy projects. It’s a start that we are proud of.”

Nico Nicholas, CEO and Co-Founder at Trees4Travel, said: “Partnering with GlobalStar Travel Management is great news for the planet, for the communities who are part of our reforestation programmes and for the corporate travel industry.

“The team at GlobalStar are now able to see the power of our technology in action. In staging their Partner conference, they benefitted from direct integrations into booking systems, API connectivity and simple file uploads.

“Together we were able to educate their travellers and provide the necessary transitionary tools to begin to get us from where we are today, to our net zero targets in the future – making travel and events ethical and sustainable.”