July 13, 2024

Gett partners with FREE NOW and HQ

Gett has announced partnerships with FREE NOW and HQ to further improve its service to corporate travellers.

FREE NOW has partnered with Gett to provide Gett’s business customers access to FREE NOW’S 20,000 minicab (Personal Hire Vehicles/ PHV) fleet for their business trips.

Gett’s business customers can now book and manage rides via the Gett app, allowing customers access to FREE NOW’s large fleet of minicabs (PHV), including Standard, EV and Comfort vehicles. 

For Gett’s customers and their employees, the partnership is expected to result in greater choice, faster pick-up times, and an improved quality of service.

Guy Gaash, VP Global Partnerships at Gett said of the partnership: “We’re thrilled to have found a PHV partner like FREE NOW, that shares our values and takes the same customer-centric approach to applying technology to solve real-world problems.

“As the market continues to stabilise post-COVID and demand for PHV services grows, we’re excited to bring our business customers an increased level of convenience and reliability across the UK.”

FREE NOW and Gett are currently rolling out this new service, taking a phased approach throughout Q1 of 2023 to introduce it to Gett’s roster of business accounts. After the current roll-out phase is complete, any customers who open a business account through Gett’s automated self-registration option will automatically have access to FREE NOW’s minicab fleet for on-demand bookings. In the phases that follow, existing customers are expected to be able to request that the new service be enabled for their teams, before the service is then offered more widely to all business customers.

In addition, Gett has partnered with HQ to allow its corporate customers in the UK now have the ability to book on-demand and future rides directly through the Gett app or HQ SummitGroundplatform.

Gett’s transport options, including black cabs, now appear alongside existing ground travel options on the HQ SummitGround platform. Integrating Gett and HQ embeds Gett’s services into the corporate policy compliance process of existing HQ users, making Gett a pre-approved option for travellers that is seamlessly plugged into HQ users’ billing and
procurement processes.

Matteo De Renzi, the CEO of Gett, said: “We’re excited to be partnering with HQ, who share our commitment to providing customers with maximum options and flexibility while also promoting compliance with their travel policies. In partnership with HQ we believe we will be
able to provide an unrivalled service in London for businesses when it comes to reliability, quality, and convenience, as well as greater transparency on their costs and emissions.

“Together with the drivers on our platform, we are looking forward to providing our services to some of the most prestigious enterprises in London and beyond.”

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