March 2, 2024

Focus takes on PSNGR1 booking tech

The Focus Travel Partnership has signed a deal with PSNGR1 to offer additional booking solutions for member TMCS.

PSNGR1’s online booking tool will be available for TMCs to share with mid-market and enterprise customers, empowering TMCs to choose their third party suppliers through multi-GDS and agnostic content.

The consortium will provide its TMCs with first-level implementation support, complete onboarding and training

Abby Penston, CEO Focus Travel Partnership, said: “Focus Travel Partnership and the board of directors recognise the importance of the Next Generation Store front and NDC, whilst remaining agnostic with a mix of GDS and direct content, providing one shopping and booking experience to our partners to help them grow their business and meet the needs of the next generation workforce.

“We are pleased to report that many of our partners are now seeing booking levels returning to pre-pandemic volumes and in this time the workforce has reshaped, with Gen-Z and Millennials now representing over 75%.

“This generation consumes and relates to technology with collaboration, socialising and engagement at the core, and to be delighted with consumer grade tech. PSNGR1 will deliver all of this and more.”

PSNGR1 said its solutions, TripBoards and Next Generation Store front ­– which groups fares based on customer experience – will revolutionise policy management and drive savings for clients.

Richard Viner, GM UK and Europe at PSNGR1, said: “The UK is a key market for PSNGR1, and we are just getting started.

“This partnership with Focus comes off the back of partnering with Gray Dawes Group, Blue Cube Travel and TakeTwo Solutions, which all share the same desire for the very best user experience and use interface to impress and excite their customers, and the next generation workforce.”

PSNGR1 now serves a growing customer base of 2,500 globally.