May 26, 2024

Focus member rejoins after leaving during pandemic

Island Business Travel, one of the founding TMCs of the Focus Travel Partnership, has re-signed with the business travel consortium 20 months after leaving.

The TMC, also known as ORTG, operates in the Crown Dependencies of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man and has both business travel and leisure entities.

Abby Penston, CEO of the Focus Travel Partnership, said: “After being away from Focus it is clear that Island Business Travel weren’t seeing as many competitive fares and that it was a main driving force for them returning.

“We are extremely proud to have one of the best air fare programmes in the consortium market which our TMC Partners see value in everyday.”

She said Focus was sad to lose ORTG but with many clients based in the islands, which had much stricter restrictions during the Covid pandemic, the consortium understood the company’s decision.

“We are thrilled to be welcoming them back now. We have kept in touch with Brian and the team throughout and it is great they see the true value in Focus.”

Brian Kelly, Island Business Travel Chairman, said: “Being such a diverse travel business, returning to Focus was an easy decision.

“As business travel continues to recover having access to benefits such as the Focus air programme is as important today as it was prior to Covid. We look forward to playing an active part again in this unique travel consortia, it’s a great feeling to be back!”