June 13, 2024

FCM launches AI reporting tool

By Bev Fearis, published 14/10/20

FCM Travel Solutions has announced the launch of its new innovative AI reporting tool.

Claiming an industry first, the TMC says AI has “never been used for this level of detailed reporting and analytics”.

It said the tool offers a unique way to visualise data simply by posing a question using natural language and can build reports with more than 15 chart options, with custom calculations, and turn data into actionable insights. It can also interpret alternate terms when a user is making a request, make suggestions that allow users to bring up key metrics quickly and offer hints as users are typing questions.

FCM’s Global Managing Director Marcus Eklund said: “Our new AI technology will enable FCM’s customers to take their data reporting to the next level, giving them easy access to their travel costs, patterns and requirements. This is going to save them time and energy, which are important as businesses start to travel again after their Covid-19 hiatus.”

The new tool is available to all FCM multi-national customers.

It is also being rolled out with a three-month free trial offer as part of FCM’s October pledge campaign, in which the TMC is promising to help lead the way out of Covid-19 by setting a benchmark for the new business travel normal.