April 18, 2024

FairFly puts a score on traveller wellbeing

Airfare price assurance specialist Fairfly has released a new wellness programme that enables users to see the potential impact of frequent travel on employees' physical and mental health.

FairFly Wellness examines data and delivers insights on the negative health impacts of factors including flight delays, red-eye flights, layovers, weekends away, airline quality and even elements such as travelling in the ‘middle seat’.

A Traveller Wellbeing Score (TWS) is generated for each travellers to help identify ‘at-risk employees’ and recommend proactive measures to improve their travel experiences.

Identifying the financial impact of employee wellbeing gives companies additional economic incentives to evolve travel policies, says FairFly, reducing attrition and measuring the commercial effect of travel on productivity as well as showing a duty of care.

“So far, discussions about employee and traveller wellbeing have not been particularly data-driven,” says Aviel Siman-Tov, CEO and Co-founder at FairFly.

“By analysing traveller itineraries and the millions of data-points we already process, we’re able to finally provide what HR and travel managers are screaming out for: true data-driven insights into the health and wellbeing of each and every one of their business travellers.”

The new tool is available now and across the world, with additional enhancements planned throughout 2019 and 2020.

As its core business, FairFly claims to deliver clients between four and eight percent of global air spend savings and has relationships with all major TMCs.