July 13, 2024

Expedia Group adds advanced AI to apps 

Expedia Group has launched new AI-powered features for its Expedia and Hotel.com apps.

The new additions are conversational trip planning powered by ChatGPT, smart shopping for hotels and air credit redemption.

Expedia Group’s new releases focus on taking the complexity out of planning and shopping for a trip.

Conversational trip planning was launched by the travel technology company earlier this year in the Expedia iOS app. It will also be available next month on the Expedia Android app, alongside a host of new features.

Recommended activities and hotels will save automatically to Trip Planner and recommended hotels will feature images, prices, and reviews.

Consumers will be able to go back and continue conversations, as well as start a new one by choosing suggested prompts and responses. 

The smart shopping feature will be found on the Hotels.com app.

There will be a tool to compare prices, ratings and amenities, plus recommendations suggesting the best room type based on 40 factors, such as who’s travelling, where they’re going and for how long.

Customers will also be recommended personalised extras such as breakfast, parking and access to refunds.

Air credit redemption will make it easier for travellers to shop and book a flight using air credits. Travellers can log into their Expedia account to apply their air credit to an eligible flight.

Peter Kern, Vice Chairman and CEO of Expedia Group, said: “We’ve significantly increased the pace of innovation at Expedia Group over the past few years, allowing us to push the boundaries in tech, loyalty, and service.”