December 6, 2023

EU delays Etias launch yet again

The launch of the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (Etias) has once again been postponed by the European Union. It is now slated to launch in 2024, but no exact date has been given.

The Etias scheme was first due to launch in in 2022 and has now been delayed three times. The most recent launch date was November 2023.

No formal announcement about the delay was made to the media or the public. Instead, the copy on the FAQ page was simply changed to read: “It is expected that the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (Etias) will be operational in 2024.”

Once launched, the Etias will function similarly to the US Esta scheme. Travellers from outside the EU will need register online and make a payment of €7 before they can visit the EU and wider Schegen area. An Etias will be valid for three years.

For now, eligible travellers can continue to travel without an Etias.

Last month the EU also delayed the launch of the Entry-Exit System (EES). It was initially due to launch in May 2023 but has now been pushed back to November 2023.

The EES will require non-EU travellers (including British nationals) to scan their passports and give biometric data when entering and leaving EU countries.