April 24, 2024

Emirates to charge TMCs for GDS bookings

Emirates will charge TMCs a surcharge of up to $25 (£18) for bookings through the GDS from July 1.

On the same day it will launch a range of content and services on its NDC-enabled direct platform, Emirates Gateway.

This will give agents access to differentiated ticket pricing, such as dedicated promotional fares and pre-sales, plus the ability to book excess baggage and differentiated pricing for select ancillary services.

The airline said the new portal would “address the limitations of current legacy systems and provide a wide range of additional content and options for agents”.

“Agencies not signed up to the Emirates Gateway can continue to access Emirates’ EDIFACT – legacy content through the airline’s GDS partners Amadeus, Travelport, Travelsky, Infini and Sirena,” it said.

“However, to mitigate the higher cost Emirates incurs through GDS distribution, from 01 July 2021, bookings made via GDS will incur a distribution surcharge ranging between $14 and $25 per ticket depending on sector length.”