April 16, 2024

Egencia enhances emissions reporting

Travel management company Egencia has enhanced its carbon emissions reporting tools within its Analytics Studio.

The new Carbon Emissions Workspace has dashboards for air and hotel-related emissions data, with a dashboard for rail travel going live early in 2020.

Part of the Expedia Group, the TMC says dashboards use sophisticated data visualisations to give travel managers a real-time view of the carbon emissions associated with the company’s flight and hotel stays.

Users can view trends, make comparisons and apply filters to analyse the travel-related emissions of departments or individual travellers, or by particular hotel usage or flight routes.

“Sustainability is important to companies that want to simultaneously grow their business while also reducing their impact on the environment,” says Tristan Smith, Vice President, Customer Success at Egencia.

“Business travel is a critical area to enable both of these company priorities.”

Harald Bjugstad-Holm, Director of Sustainability, Nordic Choice Hotels, adds: “There’s a lot of attention on data and backing what you do with evidence, which is essential for driving sustainability work in the right direction.

“We have an obligation [to customers] to be more transparent about our environmental footprint and find more common measurements so they can make informed choices.”

Egencia’s Carbon Emissions Workspace was developed by data scientists and based on industry standards for tracking carbon emissions developed by DEFRA.