April 22, 2024

Duty of care ‘black hole’ report published

Three exhibitors have joined forces to produce and publish a new report at BTS: Ground Transportation - A Duty of Care Black Hole in Travel Risk Management.

The report is based on the discussions and outcomes of the inaugural Ground Transportation Risk Summit, an event hosted by the Anvil Group (stand no. B312), GroundScope (B950) and Uber for Business (B450).

It considers why ground transportation often does not receive the profile it deserves in many travel or risk policies and identifies what can be done to remedy this.

The report covers subjects such as the various risks associated with ground transportation, the rise in ride-hailing services, the need for greater education and a step-by-step guide to conducting due diligence on ground transportation providers.

“Ground transportation is an integral part of every business trip yet it’s seriously lacking the focus it needs in many policies,” says GroundScope’s CEO, John McCallion.

“Despite its often low profile, it’s the part of the journey that can pose the greatest threat to business travellers and is something that companies need to take serious steps to address.”

Matthew Judge, Group Managing Director of Anvil Group, adds: “By failing to address the issues in ground transportation, not only are companies putting their personnel at risk but they could also find themselves facing legal ramifications.”