March 3, 2024

Diversity wins global charity travel account

The British Red Cross has signed a partnership with Diversity Travel, a specialist in charity travel.

Diversity will provide travel planning and organisation assistance to the charity and its workforce of more than 21,500 staff and 4,000 volunteers.

The TMC will offer a range of exclusive services to staff and volunteers, including specially-priced deals on flights, accommodation and transfers, access to lounge services, visa support and vehicle hire.

It already manages the travel for Oxfam, Save The Children, Plan International and other humanitarian groups, charities and NGOs.

Dorothy Brown, Chief Operating Officer for the British Red Cross, said: “The British Red Cross and the wider Red Cross Red Crescent Movement support people in crises, whoever and wherever they are. That can mean people displaced from their homes, caught up in conflicts or affected by disasters, extreme weather and the effects of climate change.

“Emergencies like these can strike anywhere, at any time. That’s why we need fast, efficient and reliable ways to get our staff and volunteers to where they’re needed. We look forward to working with Diversity Travel to achieve this.”