May 18, 2024

Dana Moore takes new senior role

Dana Moore, Agiito’s Sustainability Lead and Head of Sustainability Solutions, has joined Trees4Travel as Director of Operations Climate Solutions to help “take the company to the next chapter”.

In her new role, she will guide businesses on the path to achieving ESG goals, ensuring regulatory compliance of sustainability reporting frameworks and decarbonisation strategies that include innovative climate solutions and collaborations on projects with local communities around the world.

She said: “Joining Trees4Travel marks a pivotal moment in my career, enabling me to expand beyond traditional travel, meetings and events, and truly drive meaningful change across diverse businesses and sectors, showing that sustainability is not only a responsible choice for the planet and society but can also bring tangible benefits to any company’s bottom line, reputation, and long-term success.”

Nico Nicholas, CEO Trees4Travel, added: “We are absolutely delighted to have Dana join our team. Our values are aligned, driven by purpose, with a clear understanding of the imperative to take responsibility, inspire action and help bring about the changes required for a more equitable and sustainable future. We know Dana is the ideal person to spearhead our growth and take us to the next chapter.”