July 15, 2024

CWT rolls out accessibility booking tool

CWT has launched a Special Assistance service that provides an accessible experience for travellers with visible and non-visible disabilities.

The services include arranging airport and airline services such service animal reservations; multi-sensory rooms; fast-track immigration; train and station special service requests such as wheelchair assistance; and suitable hotel accommodation such as rooms with reduced mobility facilities.

Travellers using this service have access to a dedicated email and phone number that directs them to a team of travel counsellors who have been through special training to enhance skills such as empathy and awareness, avoiding ableist language, and building trust.

To smooth the booking process, CWT has created a digital repository for its travel counsellors, giving them access to comprehensive accessibility information related to hotel chains, airlines, airports, ground transport providers and other suppliers.

CWT has also adapted its traveller profile tool to capture special assistance requirements and eliminate the requirement for repeated self-disclosure.

Available to all customers, the Special Assistance service is currently offered in more than 20 countries, with plans for a global rollout by year-end.