May 28, 2024

CWT partners with Traxo

CWT is partnering with Traxo to help clients automatically capture out-of-channel booking data and bring it back into the TMC’s systems.

It is using technology patented by Traxo, which is already used by corporations that collectively spend more than a billion dollars a year worldwide on travel.

The TMC is in active discussions with multiple clients to bring on a pilot group of users to the new Traxo feature.

“Filling this data gap is important for a number or reasons, including understanding programme leakage, enhanced safety and security information and accurately calculating carbon emissions,” said Charlie Sullivan, VP Product Management at CWT.

“Our partnership with Traxo solves for this, by capturing out-of-channel booking data and eliminating critical gaps in trip spend and itinerary data.”

Traxo CEO and Founder Andres Fabris added: “Historically, when bookings were made ‘off-channel,’ they were invisible, and it was impossible for the reporting tools and systems typically used by corporate travel managers to know about them.

“This is no longer the case as Traxo’s solution automatically detects, aggregates and brings visibility to travel bookings, changes and cancellation in real-time from any source across the globe.”