May 28, 2024

CWT partners with AI specialist to predict travel demand

CWT has teamed up with AI predictive analytics company, ZYTLYN Technologies for a pilot initiative to predict forthcoming travel demand to and from specific routes and globally.

By overlaying CWT’s historical booking patterns onto its AI-driven Prediction Platform, ZYTLYN will provide micro and macro level demand forecasting insights.

It is designed to allow CWT to plan for future supply requirements, capacity planning and resource management.

“Being able to accurately predict travel demand in near real time, whilst complex, fluid contextual factors such as Covid are at play, enables CWT to be even more intuitive in its customer offer, ensuring a highly-customised product, service and experience mix relevant to the individual traveller’s current and near future needs,” said Patrice Simon, CWT CTO Data and Analytics.

Houman Goudarzi, ZYTLYN Co-Founder & CEO, added: “While business travel is recovering fast, it is an ideal time to leverage new proven technologies that provide data driven predictability to uplift revenues, lower costs and build more resilience.”

The pilot will start this month (February) and will initially run for three months.

ZYTLYN Technologies