May 20, 2024

CTM expands Climate+

CTM has expanded its Climate+ platform, which now supports clients on each stage of their sustainability journey.

This includes forecasting and setting carbon budgets through to in-app booking nudges and total emission analytics.

CTM EMEA CTO, Brian Sheerin, said: “We frequently hear travel managers saying they are under extreme pressure to demonstrate progress in making their travel programmes more sustainable, but they don’t have the correct toolset in their travel tech stack to make a meaningful impact.

“As a connected suite of tools, Climate+ shares data seamlessly. This makes it easy to get started and removes the challenge many buyers face.”

Climate+ now incorporates the following:

  • CO2 Calculations for flights, hotels, trains and car in CTM’s onine booking tool and app, Lightning, including granular emissions in search comparisons from RDC Aviation based on aircraft, engine model, seat configuration, fuel burn, SAF investment and more.
  • CO2 Forecasting, a new calculator that lets clients input an estimate for flight, hotel, train and car hire activity by location, route and class to create a carbon forecast to share with stakeholders to build realistic, actionable carbon budgets.
  • CO2 Budgets in Lightning OBT, Mobile App, and CTM Portal – letting travel managers assign budgets by department, group and individual by year, quarter or month. 
  • Green Choice fare labels in the Lightning OBT and Mobile App, highlighting greener travel options at point of search and nudge them to make select more sustainable choices when booking, including electric and hybrid car hire options.
  • Flight vs Train CO2 Comparisons, which lets travellers switch to lower emission travel modes in one click with automatic dual searches on relevant routes in the Lightning OBT and App.
  • Climate+ Reporting & Analytics, to give total visibility on a programme’s carbon footprint through at-a-glance dashboards, traveller averages, plus impact by route, travel type, or cabin class to help companies mitigate future emissions.   
  • CO2 Transfers between departments and travellers supports companies in better management of team-based carbon allowances. 
  • CO2 Approvals – A Carbon Approver can be assigned should carbon budgets be reached to determine if a trip is business critical. 
  • Carbon offsetting. CTM clients can offset their total travel programme’s carbon emissions by supporting a range of environmental sustainability initiatives chosen based on their company values and global footprint.