April 18, 2024

CT Travel Group launches niche division

CT Travel Group has launched what is believed to be the first department dedicated to the travel needs of the esports industry.

The TMC’s new CT esports division sits beneath the group’s CT Business Travel Brand and provides “comprehensive, high-touch and personable travel management” for esports clients.

CT says the travel industry has to date not recognised the scale and popularity of esports and the idiosyncrasies of their travel requirements.

The team includes former competitive gamers “who understand the pressures of esports and have first-hand experience of what gamers need when working towards the biggest events worldwide”.

The TMC’s Alan Margerison says: “When I used to play competitively, there wasn’t such a thing as professional [esports] players.

“With the massive amounts of money on the line, fans, lights, shout casters and millions watching now, the amount of preparation required is huge.”

The Tunbridge Wells-based TMC has over 30 years’ experience in travel management.