May 26, 2024

CrossCountry trains adds free wifi onboard

CrossCountry trains has started providing free wifi for all passengers travelling on its UK network.

So far, 92 trains have been fitted with wifi systems following a year-long project to ensure seamless connectivity for customers.

“We’re really excited to invest in free WiFi technology, as we know how important it is for our customers and their journeys,” says Clare Shufflebotham, Head of Marketing at CrossCountry trains.

“From Aberdeen to Penzance and Cardiff to Stansted, we cross more of the country than any other rail company. Each and every one of our customers can now stay connected on every journey.”

The technology has been installed on every carriage for optimum coverage, enabling connectivity on the move and enhancing the travel experience for business travellers.

“We know how important it is for business travellers to stay connected whilst on the move as they so often rely on travel time to work,” adds Colin Birchenough, Head of Commercial at Clarity Travel Management.

“It’s crucial they can do so with ease and so now thanks to CrossCountry, they can stay connected on every journey, wherever their work might take them,” adds Birchenough.