July 13, 2024

Crew travel booking tool adopts TripStax technology

TripStax technology is now powering US start-up Tripgrid, a corporate online booking tool designed specifically for project, crew and team travel (PCTT).

Offering logistics, risk management, mobility issues and tech solutions that often fall outside traditional meetings, events and group travel management, Tripgrid allows users to book flights for an entire team in one booking flow, with 24/7 support, stored traveller profiles, group checkout, and real time flight tracking. 

The technology is designed to handle bookings for architects, engineers and construction workers, entertainment professionals, oil and gas employees, and sports teams.

TripStax is providing Tripgrid with essential back-end connectivity via its content API and pofile applications.

The API enables Tripgrid to deliver GDS content to its customers, meaning Tripgrid can now offer flight inventory for booking project crew and team travel, including multi-passenger bookings on the same flight.  

TripStax has also created a traveller profile solution for Tripgrid, using its TripStax Portal module, which pushes traveller profiles to the GDS at the point of booking.

Jake Hoskins, Co-founder & CEO Tripgrid, said: “The addition of GDS content to Tripgrid will be a game-changer for us, and the integration of functionality such as traveller profiles will streamline the booking process significantly.”