July 17, 2024

Corporate Traveller unveils new travel management platform

SME specialist Corporate Traveller has unveiled Melon, a new proprietary travel management platform.

The omni-channel platform has been designed to switch between mobile and desktop without losing functionality.

It allows travel managers to control travel options by setting personalised algorithms and individual spend levels.

The TMC said AI technology “does the legwork and removes the frustration typically associated when searching via multiple sites, serving up a variety of choices based on learned behaviours to align with company travel policies and program goals, while taking traveller preferences and loyalty affiliations into consideration”.

The platform also gives a breakdown of spend, alongside dashboard analysis of KPI metrics in real-time.

Corporate Traveller will begin onboarding new UK customers from early 2022.

Andy Hegley, UK General Manager, said the TMC had used the travel pause to listen to its customers and develop the platform.

“While the UK Government has recently taken much need steps to simplify travel requirements for those leaving and entering the UK, it is still difficult to keep track of the latest developments across the world,” he added.

“Melon ensures our customers are informed and aware at every step of their booking journey. And while travelling, help is always an instant away whether via Melon’s AI mobile chat function or the expert assistance of our agent support team.”