July 15, 2024

Conferma Pay incorporates emissions reporting

Conferma Pay has launched a system which allows its virtual payment card users to accurately report on the carbon impact of each individual business trip.

Dubbed ‘Conferma Pay Emissions Reporting’, the technology will initially focus on capturing a precise record of the airline and hotel component of the journey but will eventually allow users to see the CO2 impact of their whole trip, including taxis or meals, in a single end-to-end view. 

Using the emissions intelligence software of Thrust Carbon, the system takes rich flight data like aircraft model, age, flight duration and load factor combined with high quality hotel carbon data to calculate emissions.     

Simon Barker, CEO Conferma Pay, said: “Companies want to understand the environmental impact their employees have, so they can offset accurately and educate their people to make smarter choices. The way companies pay can help them make sustainable business travel choices.”

Paul Raymond, Director of Strategic Relationships, Conferma Pay, added: “Some travel managers already receive emissions data, but it’s fragmented and isn’t always reliable. Corporations that use virtual cards to pay for flights, hotels and on-trip spend like meals or taxis gain a single view of each trip, and when combined with reliable Co2 data from Thrust Carbon, travel managers get the complete picture at the trip level. That’s what the industry needs to be able to change behaviour.”  

The new carbon reporting capability is available to direct users of Conferma Pay’s app or to companies using Visa Commercial Pay, which is powered by the same Conferma Pay technology.