July 13, 2024

Collinson research shows confusion over security assistance

New research by Collinson has highlighted the need for better communication between companies and their travelling employees about the medical and security assistance in place to protect them.

A survey of more than 17,000 business travellers from 12 different countries, including the UK, found that half say their employer has invested in medical and security assistance to support them, 15% say their employer might provide it but they’re not sure, while 12% admit they wouldn’t know as they don’t understand what medical and security assistance is.

Of those who said assistance was definitely provided, just over half of these aren’t sure what it means or offers.

Carried out just before to the COVID-19 outbreak, the survey found 75% cent of employees feel their employer cares about their physical wellbeing when asking them to go on business trips, and has invested accordingly.

But only a fifth said they were confident about using their 24/7 medical and security assistance in the event of them encountering a problem while abroad.

“It’s great to see so many employers have signed up to medical and security assistance services for their employees – and probably even more, given so many were uncertain if they had them or not,” said Scott Sunderman, Head of Assistance, Collinson.

“But something needs to be done for staff to realise the full potential of these services, such as better communication with travellers on what they entail, what they’re entitled to and how to tailor solutions to their own needs.

“Business travellers especially will be looking to their employers and travel providers to guarantee they’re fully supported when business travel picks up again post COVID-19 and, for many, that support is there – they just need to know how to use it.”