June 15, 2024

Clarity to launch booking platform

Clarity is set to launch new technology that’s being billed a one-stop shop for booking accommodation, flights, rail and car hire.

Called ClarityGo, it gives unified searches and relevant results “faster than ever before”.

The booking platform, which was built in-house over three years, can access more than 1,000,000 hotels using the latest cloud-based technology. 

Clients can self-serve, administering their own programmes and personalising the content. They can also track and offset CO2 emissions.

Feedback can be shared in real-time and accessible technology is at the forefront.

The booking platform is currently being rolled out, with the majority of Clarity’s clients expecting to migrate within the next six months.

Sue Chapman, Executive Director – Product and Commercial at Clarity, said: “What makes ClarityGo stand out in the marketplace is how it has been built from the ground up using our people’s expertise and client feedback. We’ve taken our clients on the journey with us, ensuring it’s intuitive throughout the booking process, from seamless navigation to ease of use.

“Clients have already been blown away by its sheer speed and functionality. By being in control of our own destiny, we created a system that’s fit for the future and we can react quickly without relying on third parties.” 

CEO Pat McDonagh added: “We’ve created an online booking platform on one hand and an agency-operating platform on the other, built with speed, content, scalability and capability. 

“The fact that we’ve joined the internal and external needs seamlessly together, means it’s truly one platform for all with zero friction whether a booking starts online by a direct user or offline by a member of our team. What makes us unique is that we now offer the full TMC package: experienced people and the latest technology.” 

ClarityGo will be launched at Clarity’s stand (J41) at the Business Travel Show Europe at ExCel London.