February 29, 2024

Clarity demos overhauled booking tool

Manchester-based travel management company Clarity relaunched its Go2Book booking tool at Business Travel Show yesterday.

(BTS stand no. B520)

The company held a series of development workshops with business travellers over past months to determine what improvements were required, with the theme of personalisation ultimately taking centre stage. The new version of the tool also incorporates NDC developments.

“This is not just a simple re-skin, this is a reimagining of the booking process,” said the TMC’s Head of Online Product Development, Ruth Nicholls.

“As a company we have always put the traveller at the heart of all we do and the new version of Go2Book lives and breathes this philosophy.”

Nicholls continued: “We were aiming for the whole process to be slicker and quicker, drawing inspiration from leisure booking tools which are leading the way in online technology.

“The new Go2Book learns your preferences, such as ticket type and class and then pre-sets them for you, making the whole process smoother and more personal.”

According to the TMC’s research, the average business traveller knows little about NDC and simply wants “rich content in a quick and efficient interface”.

It has therefore introduced more bookable amenities such as wifi and seat selection.

“Yes, the new tool looks great, but it is the underpinning content which is key to its success,” says CEO Pat McDonagh.

“We’ve achieved the balance of a slick leisure look and feel, but with the business functionality our users have come to expect.”