March 23, 2023

Clarity and US partner form global joint venture

Clarity and World Travel Inc in the US have created a joint venture and corporate travel community, One Global.

The TMCs, which have a long-standing partnership, plan to expand the partner community to incorporate key global market regions.

In addition to its US and UK home markets, the partnership includes fully-managed solutions throughout Europe, South America, The Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australasia.

One Global is set to announce several key strategic technology and commercial partnerships over the coming months. 

Jodie Gentles joins the One Global team as General Manager, having previously held several senior global roles in the industry over 17 years.

Gentles said: “The expectations of our partners will remain very high. The partners are committed to ensuring a consistent high standard is applied and maintained. Add to that, the exciting technology partnerships alongside deeper and more meaningful collaboration empowers us to take our business and customer programs to the next level.

“We have created something truly special here. I know this will resonate with customers who are tired of a lack of consistency in the network models and feel undervalued by the global mega agencies.

“This concept is similar to airline alliances where the best in market carriers provide seamless transport throughout the world. Over the last two years, especially, phrases like ‘better together’ have resonated throughout the world. It only makes sense to eliminate the barriers of networks and mega agencies and cultivate a global community whereby everyone wins. There’s some exciting news to come as we further strengthen our line up and proposition.”

Pat McDonagh, Chair of One Global & CEO of Clarity, said: “Our clients have been keen for us to take more control of our global offering for some time, offering the same consistent approach to business travel and this partnership now allows us to do that.

“On a global basis, we service our clients with local expertise, supported by global account management and powered by single platform technology, data, and duty of care. In addition, we also have access to richer content by adding local market content from our partners across the globe.”

Mike Farrell, EVP Business Development, World Travel Inc, added: “It is important to us that we aren’t just ticking boxes and putting pins on the map but adding genuine capability and a unified passion to deliver what our customers expect globally. We’re excited by the opportunities this creates for our business and our customers.”