September 28, 2023

China reopens borders to tourists

As of today – Wednesday 15 March 2023 – China has reopened its borders and will issue visas to foreign nationals for the first time in three years, since the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020.

Julia Lo Bue-Said, CEO of The Advantage Travel Partnership, said: “China reopening its borders and issuing visas to foreign travellers after three years is another major step in the full recovery of the travel industry, following the unprecedented disruption of the pandemic. The removal of China’s travel restrictions will provide a significant boost to the global travel industry, with tens of millions travelling to and from the country each year.

“Following this news, we expect Advantage members to see a surge in bookings to China from both leisure and corporate travellers. For anyone planning to visit China we strongly recommend booking via your local travel agent, as they can advise on the best itinerary, have access to great value deals and can help navigate the complexities of travel to this destination, including the visa application process.”