June 14, 2024

Challenges to booking tool adoption revealed

The biggest challenge to securing booking tool compliance remains the belief among users that they can get a better price elsewhere, according to new research.

One in four travel managers (39%) said it was the primary reason for non-compliance, while 18% blamed a poor user experience and 16% said travellers prefer to call a consultant.

A further 10% said bookers prefer the channels they use for personal travel and 8% said users lack confidence in the options provided by their booking tool.

The research from ACTE and American Express Global Business Travel also showed that 80% of travel managers believe it’s important that all channels are integrated into one platform and 81% mandate the use of their booking tool.

One in 20 respondents said booking tool adoption is lower than 10%, but nearly half admitted they do not regularly communicate with employees about their booking tools.

Travel managers concerned about low adoption rates cited duty of care, out-of-policy bookings and missed savings opportunities as their chief worries.

“Travel managers should be wary of evolving traveller expectations. The booking experience needs to be highly flexible and should look and feel like it does when they book personal travel,” says Fitzgerald Draper, Director of Research at ACTE.

Evan Konwiser, VP of Marketing and Product Strategy at GBT adds: “Booking through OBTs is a critical part of the travel experience and should be channel agnostic and ubiquitous wherever a traveller wants to be.

“For a travel programme to work, companies need to implement tools that are intuitive and delightful to use, while deploying a marketing toolkit to reinforce why the programme is good for them and the business.”

The full report can be downloaded here