March 2, 2024

CAA joins push for clear and comparable flight emissions data

The UK Civil Aviation Authority has launched a Call for Evidence on what environmental information should be provided when people are searching and booking flights.

The regulator’s Call for Evidence, which runs until April 7, seeks views on what information should be provided and how it can be presented in a way that is clear, comparable and enables people to make informed choices.

The lack of standards and comparable data has been identified as a key challenge for corporates looking to meet their ESG goals.

“Simply put, if we don’t know what our emissions are, it’s perilous to put a plan in place to reduce them,’ says Delphine Millot, SVP Sustainability and MD GBTA Foundation.

Views are being sought from a wide set of stakeholders, including commercial and general aviation industries, consumer groups, environmental organisations, and other organisations that hold or use information that relates to the impact of aviation on the environment.  

Based on this Call for Evidence, a set of proposals will be drawn up and a consultation will launch later this year.

Nic Stevenson, Head of Strategy at the UK Civil Aviation Authority, said: “Better understanding the most effective type, format, and communication of environmental information will help us achieve the goal of supporting the government’s net zero aviation target.”

Last year IATA launched an online emissions calculator, CO2 Connect Tool, for TMCs, travel agencies, airlines or multinational corporations.

The European Commission is also creating a harmonised measurement of emissions from all modes of transport – including rail, road and air – in order to increase transparency.