July 25, 2024

Business travellers ‘eager to get back on the road’

GBTA is reporting ‘dire’ figures in its latest survey on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on business travel around the world, but found travellers are keen to get back on the road.

A poll of just under 1,000 members, carried out from April 1-4, showed business travel has come to a halt across the globe.

But members remain positive that the recovery will start within the next two or three months. The survey found 32% of GBTA members expect to resume travel within two months and 19% predict a return in three months. Some 16% said they are unsure.

Nearly two thirds of GBTA members (62%) expect the coronavirus will change the way their company conducts business once the pandemic passes.

When asked to assess employee willingness to travel once restrictions are lifted, the majority of GBTA member companies expect most (33%) or some (33%) employees will be willing to travel.

A much smaller number anticipate unwillingness on the part of some (13%) or most (2%) employees to travel.

“With the spread of the coronavirus and many countries under quarantine and other restrictions, it is not surprising that business travel has come to a halt,” said Scott Solombrino, GBTA’s Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director.

“The toll in terms of public health and the global economy cannot be overstated. We applaud government actions and financial assistance to help address the global crisis and stabilise global economies. The survey shows that travellers are eager to get back on the road, which is a positive sign for future business travel. Once this pandemic is successfully combatted, business travel can return to being a positive economic driver of the global economy.”